Care Case Studies

Creating a bespoke package policy for a rehab centre.

Case Study: Rehab Centre

The policyholder is a major voluntary sector provider of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. Its aim is to make positive changes to the lives of those people affected by substance abuse. It offers a range of services, working with communities and other agencies, to prevent drug and alcohol related harm.

The issues

The centre offers a wide range of services, which created a number of broad and unique risk requirements:

  • Residential detox clinic specialising in the detoxification and stabilisation of individuals who misuse drugs and alcohol. This is specifically aimed at restoring physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Residential rehabilitation programme providing individuals with the opportunity to evaluate and change current lifestyle, beliefs & thinking associated with substance misuse via individual counselling sessions and group programmes including relapse prevention and stress management.
  • Drop-in centre for young homeless people providing welfare/housing advice and a needle exchange. Three times per week hot food is provided to visitors together with outreach van service offering soup, tea, and coffee.
  • Provision of furnished accommodation in conjunction with a local housing association for people with a history of drug/alcohol misuse who are now deemed to be abstinent.
  • Transitional advice and support via outreach facilities for people leaving prison who have a history of drug/ alcohol misuse.
  • Provision of training for individuals and organisations on all aspects of drug/alcohol awareness and visits to local schools, including primary schools to highlight the dangers of such issues.
  • Social enterprise café operating utilising volunteer service users as part of a work experience & rehabilitation programme.

The solution

Working in partnership with an insurance broker, whose in depth knowledge of the risk was invaluable, we were able to put together a bespoke package of covers catering for the specific and unique requirements of the policyholder via our social welfare insurance policy.

Our comprehensive product replaced a number of policies, with different insurers, with a single contract, minimising the chance of a claim falling between the gap of two policies. We were also able to provide cover for many risks that are excluded by general policies, such as abuse, breach of professional duty, medical malpractice and volunteers.

Our Insurer Partners Markel International were able to accommodate this risk.