Claims Case Studies

Professional indemnity claims example: Management and business consultants.

Case Study: Professional Indemnity

You produce a report for a client on restructuring their operations to lower costs. The changes directly attributable to the recommendations you have made result in higher costs for the client and they take legal action against you for the poor advice.

You produce a strategy report for a client in relation to growing their sales, but the tactics end up losing them business. They take legal action against you to recover the lost income.

IT contractors

A system you were contracted to design is deemed not fit for purpose after the project finishes. The client takes legal action against you to recover the costs of putting it right.

A client engages you as a project manager responsible for delivering a system to a specific deadline. The project overruns and you are held responsible for the additional costs the company incurs due to the delay.

Marketing and media professionals

You produce a new marketing plan for a client to grow income, but your recommendations have the opposite effect and sales drop. Your client takes legal action against you for the loss of business.

You organise an event for a client, however when you arrive at the venue it transpires that you never confirmed the booking. The client claims against you for the cost of rearranging the event.

Care organisations

A housing benefit application is refused on the grounds of an incorrectly completed form; a claim is brought against you because you helped the service user to complete the application.

You are held liable when a resident suffers injury and anxiety and it is alleged that you failed to design and implement an adequate care plan.