Claims Case Studies

Public liability claims examples: child injured at treasure hunt

Case Study: Public Liability

A child broke an ankle during a charity treasure hunt in the gardens of the charity premises. The child’s foot had gone down a pothole in the ground which the client had not identified when inspecting the course prior to the event.
Third Party Damage 

The charity erected a marquee and as a temporary measure pegged the marquee down with only one peg. A gust of wind lifted the marquee and blew it onto two vehicles which sustained scratches to their roofs. The charity was held responsible as they had not secured the marquee adequately.
Injury to Service User
The service user was sat in the rear of the motor vehicle awaiting assistance to get out when the volunteer inadvertently closed the car door onto their outstretched hand causing cuts and bruising to the hand.
Third Party Damage 


A community transport organisation was held responsible when their volunteer driver did not adequately monitor the service user and the car door was opened into the path of an oncoming car causing damage to the third party vehicle.
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