Marine Cargo and Goods in Transit Insurance

This is a specialist area, calling for comprehensive insurance to cover the movement of goods or cargo that is being transported via road, rail, sea or air.

We are experienced in arranging insurance for logistics and distribution companies involved in general haulage and marine cargo. 

With links to leading insurers and specialist providers, we can arrange tailored cover to meet the trading conditions of your contract and any liabilities imposed, ensuring your marine resources, assets and people are protected.

This cover offers protection for all types of transit, whether by sea, air, road or rail, including import and export, ensuring the goods in your care are fully insured, whether in haulage or storage, for the entirety of its journey.

Insurance includes damage to goods, loss of goods, theft, pilferage, conversion, shortage or non-delivery, as required by the universally approved Institute Cargo Clauses. If you wish, cover can be arranged on an ‘all-risks’ basis.

As required, we can also advise on movement of hazardous goods, fuel distribution and storage, chemical and solvent distribution, waste transfer and carriage, and emergency spillage.