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Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual property refers to an expressed form of an idea or intangible subject matter that is the product of the mind or intellect, and can include inventions, designs, written material, software, scientific discoveries, music or data.

We have expertise in arranging IP insurance and can arrange bespoke cover, protecting the legal entitlement of your company’s intellectual property.

If your ideas are your business’ most important assets and are vulnerable to trespass or theft, it makes sense to ensure they are adequately insured, just as you would a tangible object or property. 

IP insurance protects your intellectual property against theft, trespass, copying or exploitation by others, providing cover for legal proceedings in respect of infringement or unauthorised use by a third party. 

It also provides protection against any copyright, trademark or patent infringement claim made against you, and in the event of a claim, pays your defence costs along with any judgment incurred, up to the policy limits.