Tech & Life Sciences

Specialist Liability Insurance

Depending on the nature of your business and the service or products that you provide, we can advise on the level of liability insurance, particular to your industry, that you need to have in place.

Public liability covers your legal liability to pay compensation to a member of the public who suffers injury, death or damage to their property as a result of a mistake made by your business.

Product liability protects the legal liability of your business against injury or damage that occurs as a result of defects in the design or manufacture of goods you make, repair, sell or supply.

Employers’ liability protects your legal liability against injury, disease or death sustained by your employees during the course of their employment with you. 

Directors’ and officers’ liability covers you if a claim is brought against you, in your capacity as a director or officer, for actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, errors, omissions and mis-statements.

Depending on the nature of your business, we will suggest and provide the level of liability cover you need to have in place.